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This house is set among the trees but anchored to the Earth by wood beams and concrete forms.

Sustainable Treehouse Community in Costa Rican Jungle

Finca Bellavista is a community of interconnected sustainable treehouses set high in the trees of the Costa Rican jungle. Simply a...

Outside spaces are utilized as extra dining and relaxation zones to take full advantage of the setting.

House in the Forest

A contemporary household nestled in a beautiful forest setting.

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The ideal location was decided after a months-long quest to find the perfect tree on the perfect spot of land. Without the sum of money required to buy property, Allen took the risk of squatting in the public forest, he recalls "Finding that perfect spot on crown land wasn't so easy, I had an informal checklist of requirements, the most important ones being that it within a reasonable distance to a road, yet out of sight and out of earshot of human traffic. The other requirement was hard to qualify, but was of prime importance: the shape of the egg would need to suit the environment and be proportionate to the tree. I couldn't explain exactly what that was but I figured I would know it when I saw it."

Hidden Egg Treehouse by Joel Allen

Check out this whimsical pod-like adult treehouse, deep in the woods of Whistler, Canada. A truly unique piece of modern architect...

Rustic living room

Unusual Holiday Home for Creative Campers

Fascinating architecture based on the idea of a luxurious campsite, resulting in tubular living pods and fan-like canopies.

bridge house

Bridge House [Visualized]

3D visualizations, by designer Faraz, of the Bridge House in Australia, designed Max Pritchard. A green house, respecting the Abo...

creepers on house wall

A Beautiful Ivy Overgrown House in Hungary

An ivy overgrown house located in Svab Hill, Hungary. Home of renowned photographer Tomasz Gudzowatyon and designed by Satoshi Oka...

beautiful house

Japanese House in the Forest (Visualized)

A beautiful house set in a wonderful natural setting, visualized by Ando Studio.


A Shadow Box of a Green Home

This bare minimal Green home is planted in the woods where nature is the main focus.


A summer house that blends with nature

A beautiful summer house surrounded by forest and vegetation that blends so well with nature.


House Among Trees With a Stunning View

An architectural masterpieces lands in the countryside of New York.


Peaceful Getaway Home in the Forest

Beautiful and Serene peculiar shaped house in the Forest


Amazing Renderings of Beautiful Houses

Amazing renderings created using CAD softwares by design professionals and visualizers


A House Amongst Trees

A fantastic and unique idea for tree house


Stunning 3D House Render

An amazing 3D visualization of a house in the woods


Serene Home in the Forest

Pictures of a beautiful, serene home in the hilly forests of Turin, Italy.


Great tree houses by Baumraum

Inspirational pictures of Great tree houses by Baumraum