Pictures and articles about non residential buildings including creative offices and prisons!


Schools with a splash of color

The architects smith+tracey created a design solution for the St Mary's Primary School in Greensborough Victoria that was creative...


Skype Office Interiors

Skype renovated their headquarters in the Bay area in an industrial style. The result was an efficient and productive workspace

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yelp office interiors

Yelp’s Office Interiors

Pictures and video walkthrough of tech company Yelp's office.

office lounge plants

Unconventional Office Space Design

A look at some of the not-so-common designs and layout in offices.

luxury bali hotel

Stunning Bulgari Resort in Bali

Beautiful pictures of a beachside resort in Bali that offers spectacular views.

Google office space

Google’s Pittsburgh Office: Penthouse of a 100 year old Biscuit Factory

Pictures of Google's office in Pittsburgh which is the result of an extreme makeover of a 100 year old biscuit factory.

the shore in light

Landscaping Inspiration: Hilton Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand

Beautiful landscape inspirations from Hotel Hilton in Thailand.


Indoor Pool Inspiration: An Aquatic Center in France

An aquatic center in France that should provide excellent inspiration for designing a pool in your home

tumblr office interior picture

Tumblr’s New Office

Interiors of micro blogging site Tumblr's new office space in Richmond, Virginia


The Ornate Opulence of a Bygone Era

Interiors of Winter Palace, St.Petersburg painted in water colors.


ANZ Center, Melbourne: Colorful, Creative Office

Colorful offices of ANZ in Melbourne that won Hassel Architects the first place at 2010 World Architectural Festival


Interiors of Wikileaks’ (former) server bunkers in Sweden

Wikileaks hosts its servers with Barnhof, a Swedish company, which has built its offices in a nuclear bomb shelter!


Bar and Restaurant Design Concepts

Modern and unique Bar and Restaurant Designs with a Japanese flair.


Russian Web Company Yandex’s Offices

Yandex offices created by Za Bor Architects offer interesting focal points and perspectives throughout the internet company's offi...


Fairy Tale Living in Milan Hotel

Fairy tale hotel rooms bring fantasy and visual pleasure to a new Milan hotel.


Love Themed Hotel in Tokyo

A hotel that was built for the temporary use of a design exhibit commemorating Tokyo Designers Week 2010 and the Love created betw...


Concept Architecture: Marine Research Center in Bali

Contest project creates a marine research center to study tsunami waves.


Stockholm Office Built in Old Bomb Shelter!

A very unconventional office space built out of a bomb shelter in Stockholm.


Interiors of Armani Hotel Dubai, Burj Khalifa

Take a tour inside the new Armani Hotel Dubai for the understated opulence you always dreamed of.


Amazing Car Themed Rooms of V8 Hotel, Germany

This hotel was themed after the German Automaker's dreams for the car enthusiasts of the world.


Super Creative Electricity Transmission Line Towers

Award winning electric transmission line tower design by American architects Choi + Shine Architects


Awesome Interactive Wall

An Austrian design firm creates a digital wall design for an event planning agency.


Office Space of Creative Studio Raw

Brilliant clean interior design of uk based design firm Raw


Colorful Offices of Creative Studio 3FS

Creative studio design that sport cool graphic wall decals that make a big statement in workplace design!


Adobe’s Office: An Artist’s Visualization

An artist's brilliant visualization of Adobe's offices.


Twitter Is Growing And So Is Its Office

Beautiful and creative offices of the technology startup Twitter


Can the office of a finance firm ever be cooler than this?

An office with brilliant scenery and highly creative interiors


Proposed Stadiums for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Qatar's Proposed Stadiums for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Includes Pictures and Videos

awesome dining

22 Inspirational Restaurant Interior Designs

Amazing restaurant interior photographs. Can serve as excellent inspiration for home dining as well.