Section featuring dining room designs including pictures of dining room sets and furniture.

A small dining table with pastel chairs is tucked underneath a staircase in this two story space.

Scandinavian Dining Room Design: Ideas & Inspiration

Share a meal with simplicity in these Scandinavian-inspired dining rooms from around the world.

A round dining table ensures a fair airing of ideas. King Arthur knew and this dining room does, too.

Take a Bite Out of 24 Modern Dining Rooms

Whether you're hosting a dinner party of eating cereal, it's always best done in a beautifully designed dining room like these.

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The way that this low, dark table is almost a mirror image of the elevated kitchen shelving gives this modern dining area a bit of a twisted Alice in Wonderland feel.

25 Gorgeous Dining Rooms to Make You Drool

The 25 dining rooms in this roundup are each beautiful and sleek with design elements that bring out the flavor in the home and f...

In this space, which appeared in Dwell, the dining room is open to the elements, making it a beautiful tribute to its lush natural surroundings.

Break Bread in Beauty: 20 Modern Dining Rooms for Inspiration

20 beautiful dining rooms that create a welcoming, warm place to share a meal with your friends and loved ones.

This open dining room takes advantage of high ceilings and an airy floor plan in its design. The simple and delicate molded chairs contact the formidable wooden table, which leaves plenty of room for even the most elaborate meal.

Cool Dining Room Design for Stylish Entertaining

Cool dining room design ideas that create comfortable, stylish spaces for dinner parties or everyday dinners.

Extruded feature walls provide a dramatic backdrop.

20 Dining Rooms [Visualized]

Twenty dining room schemes to inspire amazing decor in your own homes eating area.

Extended use can come from incorporating a concealed games table.

30 Extendable Dining Tables

A collection of dual-use and shrinkable dining suites that allow a full sized dining table to be squeezed into a small setup.

Modern dining room scheme

Formal Dining Room Decor

A set of formal dining room decor schemes to suit a contemporary home.

Earthy Dining Black and White Contrast Juan Ferreira

Modern Dining: Nostalgic Inspiration

Highly sophisticated dining visualizations, retro-inspired and created by the industry's best.

modern yellow leather dining set

30 Modern Dining Rooms

From rustic modern to modernist country, there is a style to create a dining room you love.

Via Andrey GolubevThis cozy blue and white country look is a sweet scheme full of charm and understated style. Slightly mismatched wood tones in the surrounding furniture continues the laid-back look, appearing as though the room has evolved over time and the trials and tribulations of everyday family life, rather than being coldly contrived.

Delicious Dining Room Schemes

Dining room decor schemes that are good enough to eat! Unique dining suites and color schemes to inspire.

Choose integrated appliances for a streamlined look that will blend in with the rest of the furniture, and maintain a neat and homey surrounding for meal times.

Kitchen Dining Designs: Inspiration and Ideas

Create a combined kitchen dining space that works, with this collection of tips, tricks and decor styles.

This logical extension of one social space to another can pose problems too though, specifically when it comes to hiding away the overflow of clutter that is native to each zone. Entertainment gadgetry does not always make the best view for a dinner party setting, and who wants to look at a collection of dishes when putting their feet up at the end of the day? Therefore, storage becomes incredibly important in combined spaces, consider concealed cupboards where paraphernalia can be hidden away with ease.

Living and Dining

How to combine your living room and dining area for a successful, and social, open plan scheme.

With a predominantly blank color chart you can make a few bold choices to break the monotony; if your dining set is in your kitchen, then a vibrant splashback provides the perfect opportunity for a hit of color, or dapple more subtle hints around the room in zingy accessories or book collections.

White Decor Dining Areas

Build upon white decor in dining areas to create impressive schemes for meal times.

Via Perseverance DesignIf bare walls aren't your thing there are numerous lines of predominantly white wallpapers on the market, try wide stripes of white with another tint, like a pale grey mist, or the tiniest touch of peppermint, the added shades will make the white elements appear bright and clean.

Fresh White Based Dining Spaces

A collection of interior renders showing beautiful dining room decor schemes, all with a fresh, light and airy white base.


Living-cum-Dining Inspiration

Living rooms with a splash of color and graphic prints with an edge.


Modern Dining Room Furniture

Beautiful images of modern dining room furniture. (Modern dining table and chairs) Lots of pictures for inspiration.


Rustic Dining Room Furniture

Tips and inspiration for designing a rustic dining room. Includes lots of pictures of rustic dining rooms and furniture

awesome dining

22 Inspirational Restaurant Interior Designs

Amazing restaurant interior photographs. Can serve as excellent inspiration for home dining as well.


Awesome Dining Rooms From Hulsta

Another dining room range by Hulsta


Cute and Small Dining Spaces

Pictures of inspirational small and cute dining spaces of cottage and tuscany style. (outdoor dining also included)


Beautiful Dining Rooms From Cattelan Italia

Trendy dining rooms to complete your experience of fine dining, at home. Dining rooms and tables available from Cattelan Italia.

oriental dining

Dining Rooms From The Orient

Inspirational pictures of east asian modern dining rooms


Dining Room Inspiration – Set 4

Inspirational pictures of dining room sets and dining room layouts


Fancy Salt and Pepper Shakers

Pictures of fancy salt and pepper shakers worth seeing...


Dining Room Inspiration – Set 3

Inspirational photos of professionally designed dining rooms


Dining Room Ideas – 2 (White Themed)

Dining Room Ideas, dining ideas, dining room design, dining room